Pincident for Smart Businesses

By using the Pincident Operation Panel, organizations can react very quickly to events. With the real-time and rich information coming from the field, they can intervene with the right team and the right equipment.


The cost of work accidents is much higher than it seems

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Preventing work accidents is cheaper than paying

In 2016, 286 thousand occupational accidents occurred in Turkey. The financial loss caused by these work accidents amounted to TL 80 billion. The average cost of an occupational accident to the enterprise was 280 thousand TL.

Number of work accidents

Work accidents say "I am coming"

Social Environment

Events are the result of a domino effect

Occupational accidents can be prevented with conscious management


Risks don't turn into disasters with Pincident

Pincident® is a smart risk and event management system that consists of a mobile application used by field workers and a web application used by the OHS team.


Pincident Industry Use Case

To Analyze Risks Correctly and Take Effective Measures

Detailed Incident Analysis

Occupational Safety Units can receive detailed reports on all past events using the Pincident® Operation Panel.

Near Miss Analysis

Occupational Safety Units can analyze incidents according to criteria such as time, location, type of incident using the Pincident® Operations Panel.

Risk Estimation and Valuation

Occupational Safety Units can maximize occupational safety by detecting risks and taking precautions thanks to analysis.

Mobile Access to OHS Documents and Training Records by All Employees


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