Smart Event Management system for aırports

Pincident allows passengers to easily report what they see and hear, quickly and accurately alerting authorities to potential or current threats or a suspected concern. When such a system is implemented, anyone at the airport can report to the authorities on issues that require attention, including precise location and media (photo, video, audio).


Keeping millions of passengers and employees safe is a top priority for airports. Divided into two areas, the land and air side, airport operators are responsible for managing a multitude of needs and ensuring that employees, passengers, crew, vendors and other visitors remain safe. Pincident, as an extension of the operations team, from suspicious activities to a missing person, to timely maintenance issues; provides you with real-time information to manage all aspects of an airport operation.

Hazards can occur in a variety of ways, and false alarms can be time consuming and costly. These events are; mostly not emergencies, which can unnecessarily occupy airport security personnel, police and maintenance crews.

Many people do not like to call the hotline because calling the number alone is time consuming and tedious. But it's easy, safe and effective to push a button or send a text on the smartphone app to alert the authorities about something.

Pincident for airports includes:

Risk Reduction

The cost of personal injury lawsuits at airports can be devastating, with airports being sued for personal injury:

  • Falling or injury on a faulty escalator or moving walkway
  • Slip or fall on asphalt or uneven boarding ramp
  • Defective seats or handrails
  • insufficient lighting
  • Injuries on baggage pickup or conveyor belts
  • Slip or fall in restrooms, restaurants or dining areas

The sooner an airport discovers a hazard, the sooner it can fix the problem. Risk reduction is time sensitive; Safety hazards or maintenance issues addressed reduce the risk of people getting hurt.

Detailed Incident Analysis

Occupational Safety Units can receive detailed reports on all past events using the Pincident Operations Panel.

Occupational Safety Announcements

Occupational Safety Units can quickly make periodic, instant or periodic occupational safety announcements by using the Pincident Operation Panel.

Enhanced Airport Security and Communications

An incident management platform allows airports to publish important information directly to users, in addition to enabling the public to report to authorities.

For example, sending notifications directly to the mobile phones of people using the application. Such notifications can help reduce panic in situations of confusion. The ability to communicate quickly with the public and employees through Pincident can alleviate fear and confusion.

Smart Notification Automation

All those who are pre-determined according to the scene and category are automatically informed by the Pincident Operation Panel.

Access to Contingency Plans

Users can access the relevant contingency plans within the Pincident Mobile Application at the time of the incident.

Instant Tracking of Events

Employees can quickly notify when an event occurs with the Pincident Mobile Application, with attachments such as picture, video, sound recording.

Two Way Communication with the Field

Occupational Safety Units can send customized instant messages to the personnel in the field during the incident using the Pincident Operation Panel according to their location.