Pincident OIZ Operation Panel and Mobile App

Pincident is an effective application that makes you aware of the events happening around you and helps you take the necessary precautions.
By defining a certain region on the map, you can exchange information from the field effectively and intervene.




On this screen, users can view both the companies and facilities in the OIZ and the events on the map.

When a new event occurs in the OIZ (with the permission of the OIZ management), an in-app notification is sent to all mobile users in the region at that time.


Users can report the events they witness in the OIZ under the categories determined by the OIZ management, and they can also add sound recordings, pictures and videos to their reports if they wish. (Instant locations will also be added to the report automatically.)

The OIZ management, which examines the reports sent, will be informed about the events taking place in the field instantly and in detail, and will be able to intervene quickly and with the right team and equipment.



Users can both access OIZ contact information from this screen, and forward their requests to the relevant units using the contact form.

Monitoring Events

OSB Administration will be able to display events reported by mobile users in real time on the map with icons specific to their categories.

OSB Management can filter the events displayed on the map according to their categories.

Event Detail Viewing

The OIZ Management can examine the details of the events reported from the field (with video, picture, sound recording attachments).

It can delete resolved events.

When necessary, it can send instant messages to the mobile user who notifies the event. (For example, a photograph is requested from a mobile user who reported a fire, from the other side of the building.)

Creating a New Event

OSB Management can create new events via web application.

Sending a Field Message

OSB Management can broadcast field messages that will be valid for a one-time or a certain period of time.

The published message is instantly transmitted to all mobile users in the selected area.

Every mobile user who enters the selected area for the specified period of timed messages will receive a warning message. (For example, declaring an area dangerous and directing it to a safe area.)

Time Machine

OSB Management can go to a certain date and time in the past and watch how the events developed on the map.


OIZ Management regularly receives statistical information about events with visual diagrams.



User Management

OSB Management can regulate the authorizations of web application users. (For example, giving red alert authorization to the foreman)



Pincident offers you everything you need!