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We encounter many events in our daily life; accidents, fire, infrastructure, safety problems or natural disasters. Would you like to be informed about these threats early in order to protect yourself and your loved ones, or would you like to report the incidents you encounter and enable others to take action? If your answer to these questions is yes,

Pincident is for you!


Report Incidents

It ensures that the events you encounter during the day are reported and other users are informed and careful.

View reported reports

You can view the events reported around you either by listing or on the map. Moreover, you can directly access the reports you are looking for with the filtering feature.


Examine the details of reports

You can examine the details of the incidents, take the necessary precautions, and get into a safe state. If you want, you can follow events, receive notifications and share events with others. In this way, you can inform more people.


Pincident in earthquake

Due to the geographical region where our country is located, we are faced with the danger of earthquakes. Due to communication difficulties during and after the earthquake, many people cannot communicate with their relatives and do not know whether they are safe or not.

Pincident sends a security form to its users after the earthquake. According to this form, your relatives are informed whether that user is safe or not. If the user is not safe, help can be sent as quickly as possible.

Fast and effective communication saves lives!

You can download and start using for a safer environment

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